Daisy Brown Woven Picnic Rug - Salty Aura

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Nat says “The quality is so beautiful and the people behind the brand are living the van life dream whilst supporting many deserving charities. So many reasons to fall in love!”


New design now made with 100% recycled cotton. 

This unique design is the perfect throw rug for any occasion. They are soft and non-irritant with good air permeability, keeping the wind off your skin on those cold nights. The tightly woven material also allows it to be used as a picnic rug, shielding you from the sand, dirt, and grass. We would describe them as being as thick as a towel. They become softer with each use. 

  • Measures approximately 160 x 200cm / 1.4kg.
  • This rug will brighten up any room. REVERSIBLE Colours include  beautiful Orange/Brown tones, with the back being blue tones. 
  • Perfect for picnics, beach days, camping, van life, interior decor, or snuggling up too
  • Exclusively designed by us in Australia
  • Machine washable on delicate cold / hang to dry / will soften with each wash
  • Fits a double bed/queen bed  
  • 100% recycled cotton

Please note that colours may appear slightly different from the images.

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