‘Good Day Sunshine’ Woven Picnic Rug


These woven tapestry blankets are so versatile! Use them as a picnic rug or beach blankets outdoors...as a throw or wall tapestry, indoors.

The 'Good Day Sunshine' two tone golden/mustard base colour with contrasting white decorative shaped border and embellishments is strong and striking, yet simple & playful.  The appeal is in its structured, bold and geometric design.  This minimalist design is reversible with a perfect combination of muted blue base and olive hints on the reverse side (bonus!).

It is a light-weight throw that is thoughtfully woven using a blend of cotton and recycled polyester (sourced from plastic bottles and waste diverted from landfill and our oceans) ... to create a bold almost nordic and unisex design. 

Its use is only limited by your imagination.  

Please NOTE:


  • The large size measures 170x200cm and weighs 1.65kg.

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