Váhy Desert Nomad Candle


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Desert Nōmad Home Candle

Fill your home with the scent of our award-winning, cult favourite perfume, Desert Nōmad. Transport your mind to the tropical desert oasis of Fortynine Palms in Joshua Tree. Evoking the sweet temptation of oasis immersion, warm air and palm leaf shade, Desert Nōmad is a harmonious symphony of notes that uplift with fruit, vanilla and a whisper of the tropics. 



Váhy's scented candles are created using the highest quality ingredients and cruelty-free soy wax. The natural, lead-free wick and high natural fragrance loading give approximately 40 hours of intensely fragrant burn time. Hand poured in Melbourne, Australia. 

280g | 9.5 Fl Oz


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