Ooni | Dual-Sided Grizzler Plate with Handles


Load up that extra large cut of beef and sear it off in your Ooni pizza oven. The cast iron Ooni Griddle Plate fits all our Pizza Oven models, so you can go beyond stone-baked pizza to make a range of larger flame-cooked dishes for a crowd.

Use the removable handles to easily move and turn the plate, and rest the hot plate right on the Beech serving board.

Dimensions: 37 x 33 x 7cm - (14.5 x 12.9 x 2.7″)

Weight: 6.1kg (13lb)

Materials: Cast Iron, Beech

*Scorch marks, warping and any signs of cracking on the board are completely normal after first use. This can happen as a result of being exposed to the high temperatures of our cast iron pans. The wooden board is designed to protect the work surface from damage and therefore, is a sacrificial surface to some extent. The use of the cast iron pan will not be affected by these changes to the wooden board. We recommend only using board for a few minutes at a time while transferring food or plating up. Please be aware you are using an extremely hot piece of steel with a timber board, it will affect it, guaranteed.

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